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“Christ’s Light Magazine--Shining Bright in a Dark World” is a free, bi-monthly published e-magazine published by Olivia Bell with the help of her amazing parents and incredible team of columnists. Olivia’s hope for this magazine is that it will encourage and empower young ladies to step out and make a difference by shining brightly for Jesus in a world darkened by sin. In “Christ’s Light”, you will find several thematic articles by the array of columnists, as well as a recipe review and book review in each issue. Original art by up and coming artists is always featured, as well as unique poetry by God-honoring young poets. There is the “Artisan’s Corner” where Olivia sells items through her craft business, and features other readers small businesses as well. Creative features throughout the issue will be sure to keep you reading until the end of each publication. Every issue is always jam-packed with encouraging, uplifting and fun reading materials so don’t miss out, subscribe today!

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Featured below are the issues of Christ’s Light that have been published since the magazine’s inception in June, 2017. To access previous issues and to be notified of new publications, please subscribe!