Six Ways to Make Your Pen-Pal’s Day

Would you happen to have a pen-pal or two, or even ten or more? So do I! That’s why today I wanted to share with you six ways you can make your pen-pal’s day extra bright when they open their next letter; because to be honest, who doesn’t just love finding a beautiful, handwritten letter in their mailbox? *smiles*

  1. Include a treat!

    One way I love to make my letters into little packages is to include little goodies for the recipient to enjoy! A neat idea is to include yummy drink packets such as tea, cocoa, instant coffee or even Kool-Aid. *smiles*

  2. Decorate your envelopes.

    Who doesn’t love opening their mailbox to find a gorgeous envelope all decorated with stickers and washi tape? Have fun and make your envelope unique; you can write the addresses in different colors using special fonts, and you can also draw pretty designs. A creative option is to make your own envelope out of scrapbook paper, calendar pages, or even a brown paper grocery sack! A way you can also witness to others about Christ through the mail system is to write Scripture or use Christian stickers on the back of your envelopes. There are so many ways to turn a plain envelope into a work of art!

  3. Use unique stamps and return address labels.

    It is surprising how many unique kinds of stamps the postal service has to offer! You can purchase many different themed ones; such as pets, flowers, movies, holidays and much more. When it comes to return address labels, there are lots of options as well. If you are on a budget or do not want to spend a lot of money, you can make your own creative labels or even just write your address specially on the envelope in lovely fonts and colors. *smiles*

  4. Be creative with your writing mediums!

    This is where it gets especially fun! When writing your letter, there are literally hundreds of creative options you can use! There are pretty stationary sets you can purchase, or you can decorate paper you already have with stickers, washi tape, and drawings. Writing with colored pens is also an enjoyable option!

  5. Include little gifts.

    You can have such a great time in this area. There are so many small things you can include inside your letter that will be sure to make your recipient’s day a happy one! A few ideas include: stickers, bookmarks, Scripture cards, sticky notes, gum, a small notecard for the recipient to use, a photo of yourself or a pet, a hand drawn piece of art or handlettering, washi tape, small woven keychains or bracelets, a story or poem you have written, a copy of your favorite recipe, a postcard from where you live or from a recent vacation, a packet of flower seeds, hair ties, and so much more!

  6. Remember their birthday

    A special way to make your pen-friend feel especially loved and cherished is to ask them for their birthdate, and remember to send them a card or package when the time comes! It will bring them so much joy and happiness as they celebrate their special day to know that their friend thought of them and loves them so much!

I hope these ideas have been helpful to you all as you decide how you would like to spoil your pen-friend! Let’s keep the lost art of letter writing alive, encouraging and uplifting people – one parcel at a time! *smiles* God bless you all abundantly as you strive to bless others!

A Special Interview With Author Isabella Morganthal

Greetings, everyone! Today we have a very special guest being interviewed here on the blog, so please give a hearty welcome to Miss Isabella Morganthal and please enjoy the interview! Shall we begin? {{smiles}}

Livy: Hi, Bella! Welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy your stay and have fun with this interview! It’s a pleasure and an honor to have you here.

Bella: Oh, Livy, it’s a joy and honor to spend time with you here today! I’m so excited for this opportunity to visit your lovely site.

Livy: Would you mind telling our readers a little about yourself?

Bella: Absolutely! I’m a twenty-year-old writer, dreamer, and child of God. I love lemonade, Beauty and the Beast, summer evenings, and singing in grocery store aisles (a.k.a., embarrassing my twin sister). I began writing when I was around eight-years-old, and I founded my own magazine ministry, The King’s Princess, when I was fifteen. At eighteen, I published my first book, I Dare You: Finding Your Passion and Lighting Your World. Since then, God has been faithful to see me through the publication of four more books, including a small guide for writers on publishing. A friend and I launched our own writing coaching business, Cheerleader Sessions, in January and we’re very excited to see where God leads that. More random facts about me: I am that crazy cat lady you read about, the ocean is my happy place, and my motto is, “Make Jesus famous!”

Livy: So to start, who is your biggest inspiration in life? Why?

Bella: Oh my, that’s a really hard question. There are so many people who have influenced me, inspired me, and guided me on my journey of writing, dreaming, and just life in general. If I was to name my biggest writing inspiration, I would have to say Ann Voskamp. She takes words of black and white and turns them into an art that evokes such beauty. If I could be half the writer she is someday I would be happy. :) Of course, there are people in my life who have inspired me more than they know such as my mom, my twin sister, dear friends, and you, Livy! God has blessed me with so many people to inspire and influence my life.

Livy: Why thank you! You are such an inspiration to me, too! :) So, how old were you when you made the best decision of your life by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior? How has this shaped you into the woman you are now and how has it influenced your writing?

Bella: I love this question! I grew up in church and a Christian home, but I made that decision to accept Jesus for myself when I was five years old, and I re-dedicated my life to Him when I was fourteen. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for Christ. Knowing Him has pulled me through the darkest moments of my life and anchored me in His love. Without that I would be nothing. Knowing Christ influences every aspect of my writing. Not only the actual words I put on paper, but also the way I share my writing and by directing the glory to Him. I could write whatever I want, but I find that I have a unique calling as His child to write what He asks of me and share it with His people—to share His good news with them.

Livy: What is a favorite quote of yours?

Bella: I love so many quotes. One of my favorites is by William Wilberforce when he said, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.” There’s so much power and truth in that statement.

Livy: Who is your favorite author? Do you have any Christian book recommendations for our readers?

Bella: Well, my favorite authors would be my twin sister, MacKenzie Morganthal, and also Ann Voskamp. :) There are so many! My friend Beth Jane released her first novel this year, The Shield Series. My sister has two novels out, Not Abandoned and Out of the Dark. My friend, Livy Jarmusch has several titles out, my favorite of which is her novel, The Coronation. Non-fiction, some of my favorite titles are, One Thousand Gifts and The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp, The Reason by Lacey Sturm, Fiercehearted by Holley Gerth, Kisses from Katie and Daring to Hope by Katie Davis, and Love Does by Bob Goff.

Livy: What great recommendations, I love several of those! I personally own all 5 of your published books, I have been so encouraged and inspired by them! What is your favorite genre to write in? How did your passion for writing get started?

Bella: You are so kind, dear. Well, my favorite genre to write in is non-fiction/article/devotional writing. Which is funny, because I became passionate about writing and got my start writing fiction! In homeschool, my mom gave me a creative writing assignment. I crafted a story about a girl and her horse. After finishing my story, I was hooked. I started writing more adventures for this girl and her horse and called it a “series.” I wrote fiction novels my whole childhood. I will still write fiction, and I still love doing so, but my true passion is in my blogging and my devotional writing.

Livy: What are some of your favorite things in life? :)

Bella: Oh my, I love the “little” things of life. Such as envelopes in the mail covered with stickers, or bare feet on cool, freshly mown grass in the heat of summer. I may have a slight obsession with Starbucks’ shaken white iced tea and lemonade, Chick-Fil-a, and Red Robin’s bottomless steak fries. I adore dance parties in the kitchen and having water balloon fights in the summer. And so, so much more.

Livy: To end with a fun question, if you could travel anywhere in the world and you could bring only one person with you, where would you go and who would you bring with you?

Bella: That is a very difficult question, haha! There are many places I would love to go, people I would love to see, friends I would love to travel with. I think I’d have to stick with going to Uganda though, because my heart is there. And taking someone with me…I would take you! :D

Livy: Aww, thank you! I hope and pray we will be able to go and serve in the country of Uganda together in the future, that would be a dream come true!

Thank you ever so much for joining us here today, Bella! You are a wonderful friend and inspiration to me in my life, thank you for shining your light into the lives of so many people!

Bella: Thanks for having me, Livy. It’s been a pleasure!

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Isabella Morganthal (21) is a dreamer living in Pennsylvania. She is the author of five books and blogs regularly at: Worth it All Blog. She desires that all of her writing glorify her King, Jesus, and it is also her desire to support other young writers in their craft. She is a writing coach with Cheerleader Sessions. She’d love to hear from you and you can contact her through her blog or Facebook page.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview! Please do visit Isabella’s wonderful site and give her some love, she would be most thrilled to hear from you!

God bless you all abundantly!

Spreading God’s Love…

God, please show me ways to witness to people! I want to bring people to You so badly! The teen girl prayed, sitting on her bed deep in prayer. Flopping onto her stomach, Jinger hung her head over the side and stared at the pile of assorted magazines and books that lay strewn about. Tracts a friend had recently shared caught her eye. Reaching down, she snatched them up. Sitting back, she gazed at what lay in her hands. The answers to all her questions – her prayers. Lord, I can use tracts! Thank you so much for answering my prayers….

Her thoughts whirled; remembering a container of tracts her parents kept in their bedroom. Taking a running start, she slid down the hardwood floor and took a flying leap into their room. Peeking into the closet, she quickly spotted the container and took it in her hands. Sprinting back to her room, she jumped onto her bed and grabbed her boom box, turning up her favorite Christian band. Opening the container, she was amazed at everything that met her eyes….

Standing in line at a grocery store checkout, Jinger nervously ran over in her mind what she had been rehearsing all that day. Making her way to the counter she paid for the snack she had picked up. Now is the time. Come on Jinger, you can do this! “Have you gotten your million dollars today?” She asked the elderly lady at the register, handing her a tract.

“Why, um, no….” The lady took the bill in her hand and looked down on the message below. “Thank you!” She smiled and watched until Jinger was well out of sight. Looking down at the message, she read “Christ died for you, so that you can live for eternity with Him in Heaven…..” Sitting down heavily on the stool beside her, she read the message over again. Jesus Christ died for me to forgive me for my sins? I want to know more….. I’ll have to look up this verse it mentions… John 3:16….” Reaching for her phone, she typed in the words and was in awe of what met her eyes.

Every day, Jinger went about her life from that day forward purposing to leave tracts wherever she went. Walking the length of her driveway, she looked down at the booklet in her hand. It was a tract that included the Gospel of John. Lord please soften the heart of our mail carrier to be receptive to your word… She prayed the words out loud and deposited the tract into the box, having no idea what an impact she was having on the world around her.

We as Christians need to be like Jinger, spreading God’s Word to everyone in our lives. We are to make disciples of all the nations, including our own. I pray we all have the courage to take a stand and to proclaim God’s Word to everyone, despite any odds.

The Whirlwind Called Time

Time is quickly passing by,

It will not stop, not matter how hard we try.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days,

None of them seem to want to stay.

Time is flying, it can’t be stopped,

Every second, tickedy tock.

As months pass by and seasons come and go,

Though for a time they may seem slow,

Years pass us by and suddenly we think,

“What has happened? Time flew faster than I could wink.”

Use each day wisely, leave a mark,

Shine Christ’s Light out into the dark.

Live each day like there’s no tomorrow,

Reach out in love, save someone from sorrow.

Share a smile, cherish your life,

Leave a legacy of love, not strife,

Seek Christ first every second of each day,

He will always be your Rock, come what may.

Love Him, trust Him, and seek Him first,

Study His Word, to the very last verse.

Time keeps right on flying past,

But it will not forever last.

Christ will return one glorious day,

What then will you want to say?

“I lived my life wholeheartedly for You,

I endeavored to bring as many as possible to You, too.

I was not perfect, but I gave it my best try,

It’s all because of You, forever by my side.”

And on that day I pray He will say,

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant – do not delay,

Enter forever into the joy of your Father – forever to stay.”