Spreading God’s Love…

God, please show me ways to witness to people! I want to bring people to You so badly! The teen girl prayed, sitting on her bed deep in prayer. Flopping onto her stomach, Jinger hung her head over the side and stared at the pile of assorted magazines and books that lay strewn about. Tracts a friend had recently shared caught her eye. Reaching down, she snatched them up. Sitting back, she gazed at what lay in her hands. The answers to all her questions – her prayers. Lord, I can use tracts! Thank you so much for answering my prayers….

Her thoughts whirled; remembering a container of tracts her parents kept in their bedroom. Taking a running start, she slid down the hardwood floor and took a flying leap into their room. Peeking into the closet, she quickly spotted the container and took it in her hands. Sprinting back to her room, she jumped onto her bed and grabbed her boom box, turning up her favorite Christian band. Opening the container, she was amazed at everything that met her eyes….

Standing in line at a grocery store checkout, Jinger nervously ran over in her mind what she had been rehearsing all that day. Making her way to the counter she paid for the snack she had picked up. Now is the time. Come on Jinger, you can do this! “Have you gotten your million dollars today?” She asked the elderly lady at the register, handing her a tract.

“Why, um, no….” The lady took the bill in her hand and looked down on the message below. “Thank you!” She smiled and watched until Jinger was well out of sight. Looking down at the message, she read “Christ died for you, so that you can live for eternity with Him in Heaven…..” Sitting down heavily on the stool beside her, she read the message over again. Jesus Christ died for me to forgive me for my sins? I want to know more….. I’ll have to look up this verse it mentions… John 3:16….” Reaching for her phone, she typed in the words and was in awe of what met her eyes.

Every day, Jinger went about her life from that day forward purposing to leave tracts wherever she went. Walking the length of her driveway, she looked down at the booklet in her hand. It was a tract that included the Gospel of John. Lord please soften the heart of our mail carrier to be receptive to your word… She prayed the words out loud and deposited the tract into the box, having no idea what an impact she was having on the world around her.

We as Christians need to be like Jinger, spreading God’s Word to everyone in our lives. We are to make disciples of all the nations, including our own. I pray we all have the courage to take a stand and to proclaim God’s Word to everyone, despite any odds.

Our Never Ending Hope

God is a God of everlasting love and hope,

Even in times when our pain is so deep we can hardly cope,

He is always beside us, holding tightly to our hand,

His love for us outnumbers every single grain of sand.

His everlasting hope is extended freely,

Though at times it can be hard for us to see.

Even when our world crashes all around us,

He will lift us up; all we must do is trust.

When we struggle to understand the why,

He will always catch every single tear we cry.

He lifts up our face and looks into our eyes,

Saying, “Your pain matters to Me, no matter its size.”

His comforting arms wrap gently around us,

And all He is asking is that we will trust.

Though trials and tribulation befall us,

He will be by our side for eternity, past the day we return to dust.

In the days when we feel we simply cannot go on,

His loving voice will bring joy and fill us with song.

His sweet words say to us, “In this world you will have tribulation,”

“But behold, I have overcome – I have won.”

When our dreams crash to pieces on the floor,

And we can’t see where God could possibly be opening a door,

He has something so much greater in store for our lives,

That is a beautiful Hope, and it will never die.

Our Savior draws near to us in our pain,

Our job is to trust in Him always, without wane.

So next time you feel crushed by the pain in your life,

Take heart, every challenge we face has been conquered by Christ.

Three Christian Publications You Don’t Want to Miss

no worries at all dear, i'm going riding here in a little bit Hi everyone! I have always loved Christian magazines. I adore writing for several different ones – even though sometimes that can be a lot of work, haha! Every time I find out about a new publication, I get so excited. Seeing girls and young ladies using their talent for writing to share God’s love and encouragement with others is something that is dear to my heart. Below I will be sharing with you all about three wonderful magazines you really should subscribe to. So let’s get started, shall we?

  1. The King's Princess E-Magazine

    The King’s Princess is a wonderful e-magazine published by author Isabella Morganthal on a monthly bases. In this magazine you will find several articles by the columnists and guest writers, a craft or recipe review by yours truly, lessons from music lyrics, occasional fictional stories, poetry, beautiful photography and so much more! The King’s Princess is currently taking a break from publication, but in coming months they plan to be fully operational again, so please check out their website (link above) and subscribe for free!

  2. Precious and Redeemed E-Magazine

    Precious and Redeemed is a monthly publication put out by Anna P. for the encouragement and edification of young ladies of all ages. Each issue is filled with lovely articles, poetry, recipes, contests, a book review by yours truly and so much more! This magazine is filled with quality content from cover to cover, so please check out their website (link above) and subscribe for free!

  3. Guard Your Heart E-Magazine

    Guard Your Heart is an e-magazine founded by a group of sisters who’s love for the Lord has inspired them to inspire others! Monthly issues are filled with wonderful content, such as articles, poetry, song lyrics, stories, beautiful photography and much more! I enjoy writing for this magazine each month as well. Please go check out their website (link above) to subscribe for free!

I hope you all will take the time to take a look at these wonderful publications! I pray you all have a blessed week as you continue to serve our Savior. God bless you all!

A Special Blessing from a Friend

Greetings everyone! Today I was so surprised to find a large package in the mail addressed to… me? Yes! I recently had the pleasure of entering Sarah Faith’s giveaway over at her amazing blog, The Journeys of Faith, and I was blown away when I found out that I had won!

Responsive image

box of chocolates, a dinner bell handmade by Sarah Faith’s father and a gift card inside a cute kitty notecard! What could be better?

Sarah Faith has such a beautiful, Christian blog filled with fun and inspiring posts! She posts about her running in different races such as marathons, (which is always so inspiring to me!) she also posts about her life, amazing Christian encouragement posts and so much more! You definitely should check out her blog at The Journeys of Faith. It would bless her so much to have you stop by!

Thank you Sarah Faith, for the extraordinary gift you gave me! It was such a blessing to me and I am so grateful not just for it, but for your amazing friendship. God bless you, dear friend!