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Meet the Team

Meet the creative minds behind the work

The Creator

Olivia Bell

Olivia is a young lady in her teens who currently resides in the Pacific North West. She is the creator of Christ’s Light Magazine. She designs each issue, as well as writes for her column titled “The Editor Speaks”. Olivia also pens a thematic article for each issue to encourage and empower her readers. Some of her many interests include: reading God’s Word, reading and writing articles for Christian magazines, making creations for her small craft business, baking and cooking treats, writing poetry, photographing nature, and writing letters to her many pen-pals. She aspires to acclaim Christ’s glory and honor through everything she set’s her pen to. Olivia’s writing is featured in other Christian publications through columnist positions at: “The King’s Princess Magazine”, Hungry Hearts Magazine, and Precious and Redeemed E-Magazine. She is also a staff photographer for "The Father's Daughter's Magazine".


Isabella Morganthal

Isabella Morganthal is a twenty-year-old author, blogger, musician, YouTuber, and creative arts director. She is the author of four books which she self-published and can be found at her website. She has her own ministry for girls, which includes her monthly e-magazine, The King’s Princess. She lives in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania with her wonderful family. She often shares her thoughts at her blog titled Worth it All. Her desire is to fight human trafficking until all are free. Her heart is in Uganda and she trusts God to take her there someday soon. She loves connecting with other young ladies desiring to live a life dedicated to Jesus. Isabella is an article columnist with her column titled "Following in His Steps".

Joy W.

Hi there, I’m Joy. I’m a sinner saved by grace who’s learning day by day what it means to walk by faith. I love thinking deeply, laughing like crazy–living, living life intentionally, and joyfully for the glory of God. I also love to spend time with family and friends, listen to music, and pray (to list a few), but most of all I love my heavenly Father who is my one sure Hope. You can find me at Blog of Joy, Cherry Tree Poet, Piano with Joy, and YouTube.

Sarah Faith Carson

Sarah Faith Carson is an Iowa country girl who loves the Lord Jesus with all her heart. She enjoys cooking and baking, and has started her own baking business. She is a runner, logophile, musician, and chess player. She enjoys spending time with her tremendous family, having campfires, playing volleyball, writing and receiving letters, doing crossword puzzles, and playing games. She blogs at Journeys of Faith. She is Christ's Light's Recipe Review Columnist.

Beth H.

Beth H. is a teen girl who loves Jesus Christ and wants to encourage other people about Him. Beth shares her thoughts on Bible verses that speak to her in each issue in her column titled "Insights". She blogs at Sunshine Girl as her ministry blog and This Redeemed Girl as her life blog. She has a ministry-Guard Your Heart Ministries-that she does with her three sisters. Guard Your Heart Ministries publishes a free E-Magazine and a YouTube video every month. Please visit the Guard Your Heart website. Beth loves friends and family! She likes writing, making videos, texting, music, movies and TV shows, long car rides, and adventures!

Laura B.

Laura B. is a sixteen year old columnist for Christ’s Light Magazine. She enjoys baking delicious creations, drawing, doing calligraphy and quotes, reading, writing, doing hair, emailing, writing letters to pen pals and most importantly reading and studying God’s Word. We should strive to be lights shining for Christ. Let us encourage each other to do so!

Alyssa Johnson

Alyssa Johnson is a young lady who comes from a wonderful homeschooled family. She resides in Texas on her family's small farm. A few things she enjoys are: reading, writing, crocheting for her business called “Country Girls Crochet” and working with all types of animals. Alyssa loves to be able to glorify God through her writings in her poetry column.

Peyton H.

Hi, y’all! I am Peyton! I enjoy reading, writing, and studying about Yahweh’s Word! It is always a blessing to learn something new about the Bible! One of my favorite things to do is to encourage others. Whether it’s an older lady or a little girl, it makes me smile to see someone encouraged! In my personal life, I am living at home with my family serving them and travel periodically with my father. When I am not helping my family out, I am in my corner playing the piano or working on my history degree through Lumerit. There is always something exciting going on in my life!

Amie W.

Amie is a wild, crazy writer who is either day dreaming or talking a hundred miles an hour. When she is not doing those two things, she is probably reading or jamming on one of the four instruments she plays. Writing is her overwhelming passion, but she is also passionate about horses, music, photography, blogging, and living life to glorify her Creator and Lord. She is the second oldest of seven children, and enjoys being dramatic with her four sisters. Whether it is in Amie’s writing, or in her words, she enjoys making people laugh.


Elisabeth Bird

Elisabeth Bird is a 15 year old young lady who lives with her family in Missouri. She enjoys cooking, reading, playing piano, volleyball, writing, growing plants, decorating, Pinterest, and much more. She has been called to be a missionary in China and has desired to serve there since she was four years old. She hopes to use her teen years as a writer of encouraging articles for believers. She is one of Christ’s Light photographers as well as an article columnist.

Anna P.

Anna P. age 14, has a passion for photography and writing. Ever since she was 9, she has loved to capture God's Creation through photography. Aside from photography, Anna enjoys writing, playing clarinet, blogging, learning American Sign Language, reading the Bible and playing with her siblings and puppy. She published two books; Memories with the Meadows is available on You can read more of her writing on her blog, Annie Writes. She feels God calling her to be a missionary someday, but in the meantime, she hopes to encourage others through her writing and photography.

Priscilla G.

Priscilla G. is one of Christ's Light's staff photographers, and enjoys it immensely! She enjoys reading, photography, listening to music, spending time with family and friends, traveling, etc. One of her greatest desires is for others to see Christ in her, and to live a life pleasing unto Him. She loves spending quality time with her siblings and friends, and making others feel special. "Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture." ~Psalm 100:3


Allison B.

Allison B. is a Christian, homeschooled teenager. She is also a farm girl, photographer, artist, crafter, blogger, reader… and many other things! She lives on a big, beautiful farm along with her family, pets, and 24,000 chickens (seriously!) She loves living in the country, she enjoys creating almost anything with her hands, and contributing to Christ’s Light Magazine. You can visit her blog at A Farm Girls Life .